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Our outdoor play area is a popular spot among the energetic toddlers, curious pre-schoolers and children above 4 years of age. We have dedicated a significant portion of the children's nursery time for outdoor activities to keep them engaged.


In addition to fun and safe play areas, Burrendale Day Nursery has a beautifully landscaped garden for the children to explore year round. Contact us today.

At Burrendale Day Nursery, we have learnt the one sure way to turn a frown into a smile and a restless pre-schooler into a very happy child. Outdoor activities in good weather can stimulate and energise your child. While letting your energetic bundles of love run around freely, we also keep an eye on them at all times to ensure their safety. Take a look at our private, gated outdoor play areas.

Fun and safe outdoor activities

Accessorised play areas for outdoor activities

Ready for playtime?

We have supervised play areas and fun outdoor activities to cheer up your bored pre-schooler and / or engage your energetic toddler.

• 3 outdoor play areas

• Sand-pit, slides and swings

• Story area for quiet story-time

• Well-maintained garden for exploration

Our play area is a popular spot

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